The power of people

Or why we are still amazing but refuse to believe it

I have always enjoyed the adventure of meeting people with a purpose..especially people who have never heard of me. That was a double entendre by the way. I meant meeting people who have a clear mission or purpose to which they dedicate themselves. I also mean that I have had a clear purpose in meeting them too. That has inexorably led to the creation of Real Rover. To interview is to meet

Mikhail Gorbachev was the greatest example of that double entendre

I hope this short essay will give you the mind to go out and meet those people you may believe have no interest in you simply because they don’t know you. To think thus would have resulted in a greatly impoverished human race of course. And why? Well because the energy radiating from the mind, body and soul of another human is unlike anything else in the universe. To meet such a person is literally to get blessed i.e. touched at a deeper level than normally. I spent a few days in Gorbachev’s company by pure accident some would say. But I planned it somewhere so deeply in my heart that the universe of space and time had no alternative but to deliver him up to me. All I wanted you see, ALL I wanted was to bask in his presence. Not because I worshipped him, no but because I instinctively felt that he was a man who would or could really change the world. Decades later I watch a documentary called Meeting Gorbachev directed by the man I studied how to make films by, Werner Herzog. And I now realise my instinct was right. Gorbachev was born a peasant for Christ’s sake!

Such a growth of such uncategorised energy is an expression of real individuality. I daresay that is something we are in great danger of losing in a politically correct world of me-ness at all costs. Me must be free to be me you see. Et voila a life of selfies, FB likes and thingies to buy without apparent end or even thought of end. You know. Would you go out of your way to meet somebody like that?

In Istanbul I saw a Chinese tourist with an Iphone on a camera pole posing for herself right there on the cusp of those profoundly different worlds of Europe and Asia with the Bosporus down below. She had all the right gear on and knew exactly which spots to go visit to take more selfies at. She was blithely unaware of anybody else around, clearly. She could have come from anywhere but the Chinese I have seen so far do seem to fit the mould of ‘the modern human who has no meaning whatsoever’. Another double entendre. There is surely no evolutionary meaning to the endless production of humans who are here to take selfies and consume more and yes, such a human has no need for meaning in his or her life. Thingies will do just fine thanks..the more the merrier.

However the people who have dedicated themselves to their passion have grown another body in a sense. You cannot see it with your eyes because it is made of shimmering electromagnetic energy. It is made of a power that imagination has spawned and life experience has honed into a focused beam of intelligence. Not the Ivy League smart arse intelligence no. The intelligence of a human who has realised that life is not a material experience but a creative one. Or, life is the supreme adventure.

Looking back at how I developed this need to meet people completely out of my social and economic spheres of influence is harder to track. I grew up in a very working class Scottish environment where the people you meet go to the same pub and throw up on the same street corners, where your accent or lack of it either get you banned from certain circles or get the shit kicked out of you on a Saturday night. But I was very curious, another double entendre. I had an unusually high level of curiosity in my soul yes, but I was also really different from the others it seemed. Almost like a mutant. I read Dostoevsky and Henry Miller at sixteen and spent hours in the public libraries with enormous map books..dreaming of foreign lands. I still had not met anybody interesting though…but I would.

To be continued