London Real and Real Rover

I had come to an impasse. Who doesn’t? But the years had flashed by and now I was 65. Here we go again. I must re-invent myself. But how? Can I pull one more off, really? Or will I just go live in the woods and be a hermit sadhu? Yeah, there was that option too. After all, in ancient India you had four lives and I was pretty much done with my third, Karma Yoga i.e. raising a family, doing business and paying my taxes.

I was in London when I took the first step towards London Real. Graham Hancock had kindly introduced me to Brian and suggested I be a guest. No response. It figures I surmised. After all nobody has heard of me in the West. I live in the East, really far East. As far as you can go actually. Japan.

So I decided to walk into his office and had a few hours before getting on that train South for a meeting. It turned out that when I left the hotel the streets were full of people looking at their cell phones. I mean thousands..


Another terrorist attack? Not today boys! I will have to bust into Brian Rose’s office and get his attention! This guy is an important man to meet. I have to physically get there and the tube should take about half an hour. It was the tube that had got untubed..a strike.
Lazy British buggers! Being British I know, believe me.

Taxi! Roads absolutely jammed. Buses at a standstill. So that was my first attempt to meet Brian Rose and get on his show…

What would I talk about? I would talk about living in Japan for over four decades and how important it is to get the message of London Real out there because the interest level is huge.

I knew this because I had delivered 223 80 minute lectures in Japanese over 3 years in Tokyo which went out live on Youtube. About what? Well let’s see. Medieval mysticism, leading edge science, alternative health and Japanthropology, ancient civilizations and the electric universe, giant conspiracies and the demise of spiritual discipline, about zen and the art of hitting the target actually..whilst not trying to..

Such a blabbermouth! But the Japanese listeners raved. Real information at last and the haters too of course. This old guy is f***ed in the head!

The channel went beyond Japan to Japanese living overseas and to folks who wanted to study Japanese and could not figure out how such words were coming out the mouth of an Irish Scotsman with such passion. People would stop me in the street and, like with Brian, tell me how their lives had changed. How they were now walking barefoot or doing cold showers or using mindmaps..

Then the impasse. I need to move on. Something has changed since the Iceland trek. I am not the same anymore. I quit the highly paid corporate adviser post. Enough bullet trains already! My wife was not amused.

” What the hell happened to you in Iceland?! ”

Meanwhile Brian has grown London Real way beyond the piddly wee podcast it had been. New office. New suit. I bet it was Dan Pena!

So there and then, just as one world ended a new meme dropped into my computer. It was yet another pitch for Broadcast You on Facebook and so this time I paid attention. I knew from Youtube experience that the future was not in seminar rooms, in writing books or getting on TV. I knew the future was in broadcasting your own message. But I had only done it in Japan. What was I, half a man? What about the English speaking world??

He knew something I needed to know..

The past eight weeks have passed in a flash. The course he offered in becoming a professional podcaster i.e. not hallucinating about it but actually stepping up to the plate, was well designed and solidly executed with the help of his team. We had our own teams withing the Broadcast You community of about 200 students plus or minus. I wonder, did anybody actually drop out? I think not..

I was on the road between Japan and Canada doing a live call via Zoom at the airport. No headphones so half of the South terminal at Vancouver International heard Brian rave on about the benefits of getting your values really straight and then offering the world your podcast based on people you interview who express those values.

Hey I did Napoleon Hill back before half the students were born..I know about programming the subconscious. I hung out out with people like Stuart Wilde who had some cool ideas about metaphysical success.

But then he was gone and there was no backup. Brian had overcome that problem by offering us all something really different. He offered us a tribe of support. That means you felt like we were all in this together, not just the students but his staff, his guests, all the folk who watch London Real. And then the clincher was the accountability doc. It looks like this today and yes I am proud of it. You had to do the work and prove it and to hell with your inner resistance. Just seeing that in action in your own life was worth the money.

So we all know what we have to do and what needs to get done but there is nothing new about that. Goal setting and time management are the life blood of any entrepreneur so I go back to the tribe. That was the genius stroke. And it is about to get a lot bigger because it was the tribe we have all lost. It is the tribe we mourn for. It is the connection we cut off ourselves. This Broadcast You was born from a tribe of committed people from all over the world. This matters..

Today I will interview a man who has interviewed all of the greatest movers and shakers in the New Paradigm. Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove is arguably the world’s number one provider of alternative information about reality than any other single person I know. His Thinking Allowed series ran on public television for close to two decades. And he is still at it! Who has he not interviewed?

Now 71 years old, just six short years older than me, he is better than ever and I have spent hours preparing for the interview. Would this have happened without Brian Rose?

I rest my case..


Go figure..